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Avigail Sharer

More Than Meets the Eye

The school was immersed in darkness; the parking lot a sea of black.Michoel slowed to a walk, and began to circle the building… 
Michoel froze. His heart beat wildly, and despite the winter cold, sweat brokeout on his face and neck. He pressed himself up against the brick wall of thebuilding, hoping that the shadows would well cast their spell of invisibility. 
It was one voice, Michoel realized… One voice, and it was coming nearer… Inthe darkness, Michoel strained his eyes… Could it be? Was it…? 

It’s not easy moving to a new country when you’re twelve years old, andfor Michoel Lederman, whose family moved from England to Americaall because of his sister Rikki’s Cerebral Palsy, life seems to be goingfrom bad to worse. 

Then some terrifying criminal activity starts to happen in Rikki’s specialschool. Michoel and his new friend Nachum embark on an investigationmission to track down the person responsible for the sabotage againstOrah V’simchah, but soon things spiral out of control, as an unknown butsinister enemy does his utmost to ensure that Orah V’simchah meets abitter end, and the Ledermans find themselves under direct attack… 

Join Michoel and Nachum as they don their detective caps, dodging dangerfrom all directions — and learning some important life lessons alongthe way — until the final surprising twist of the story… 

Because all too often in life,there’s a whole lot More Than Meets the Eye

By: Avigail Sharer