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Schonfeld, Rifka

My Friend the Volcano

Another must-read for parents, educators and children..
Tag along as Pinny introduces the reader to another friend from school. In previous books, we've met classmates with ADHD, anxiety, and bullying issues. In My Friend the Volcano, we encounter Reuven, an explosive child who deals with disappointment by erupting in anger and tantrums. His frequent meltdowns end up driving away all his friends, leaving Reuven isolated and sad. Reuven isn't a bad person; he's a boy with a problem that is too strong for him to handle alone. With support from parents, teachers, specialists and friends, Reuven discovers coping and cooling-down techniques that help him take control of his anger.

My Friend the Volcano is the third in a series of acclaimed books by Rifka Schonfeld for children going through difficult times. A great resource for anyone dealing with children who suffer from Oppositional Defiant Disorder or anger management issues.

Includes tips on understanding and helping the child with Oppositional Defiant Disorder.