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Manela, M/Zwolinski, Cr

Parent-Child Dance

Is your child anxious, too sensitive, or frequently angry?
Is she overly talkative or withdrawn?
Is he having problems at home, school, or play?

The Parent-Child Dance will show you how to help your child and improve your relationship.

-Discover the reasons behind your child's behavior.
-Help him feel more confident.
-Give her the keys she needs to develop self-awareness.
-Help him connect with his peers.
-Create a more joyful parent-child relationship.

The Parent-Child Dance gives you the tools you need to understand and shape your child's behavior. It's packed with over 80 activities, ideas and tips developed by an award-winning occuptional therapist. The activites in The Parent-Child Dance have already helped hundreds of real-life children and their families- and they can be done in your own home, without special training or expensive equipment.

Miriam Manela OTR/L is the founder and director of Thrive Occupational Therapy. She is an award winning pediatric occupational therapist and consultant, specializing in children's behavior.