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Peace in Your Palace

by: Mrs. R. Fried, Rebbetzin S. Simon

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ESSENTIAL FOR ALL KALLAHS AND WIVESReprinted 8 times in Hebrew and translated to Yiddish, this invaluable sefer on shalom bayis has now been made available, for the first time ever, to English speaking women. See what made this popular sefer so successful at helping women worldwide nurture their marriages to perfection.Written in a sensitive yet forthright manner, Peace in your Palace deals with the many issues facing today’s Jewish wives and especially young kallahs, such as how to conduct oneself during the engagement period, the correct and effective way to express your needs to your husband and how to interact with your in-laws.Whether you are a kallah on the threshold of building your new home, or a married woman looking to rejuvenate your marriage, Peace in your Palace is the shalom bayis guide for you.
Mrs. R. Fried, Rebbetzin S. Simon

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