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Wagschal, Rabbi Shaul

Pleasant Ways of the Jewish Daughter

An invaluable resource for every bas Yisroel!

Growing up in today's world is no easy feat. And for frum young women, it's particularly challenging. How do you develop a clear sense of your role both as a bas Yisroel and as an individual with your own unique contribution to bestow upon the world? And how do you stay focused on good middos and avoid the pitfalls of jealousy, pride and anger?

In this thoughtful book, Rabbi Shaul Wagschal-Ì_?author of numerous popular works on halacha and hashkafa-Ì_?explores these issues with clarity and understanding. He provides helpful strategies to help deepen emunah and make davening and mitzvos more fulfilling.

Practical and insightful!

Author: Rabbi Shaul Wagschal
Hardcover | 4" x 6.25" | 88 pages | 1-932443-03-7