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Y. Schwartz


Find a quote.
Examine it.
Ponder it.

The result is wisdom and insight far beyond the pithy parameters of the twenty-something words of the original quote. Each statement may be a bite-sized nugget of wisdom; its exposition is a lesson that will stay with you for life.

That is the eminently successful combination that Yankie Schwartz has innnovated in Ponderables---the lessons he has gleaned from commonplace words encompass the prism of our lives and struggles to move forward. the importance of treating others with respect, of learning and growing, of sensitivity toward others, Torah in the workplace, remembering that suffering, too, is part of Hashem's plan...all these subjects---vital to our everyday lives as Torah Jews---and more are dealt with in this one-of-a-kind volume.

Read it.
Ponder it.
Absorb it.