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Praying With Joy 4, Parnassah

by: R' Daniel Yaakov Travis

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The act of saying Parshas HaMann every day is like taking a daily vitamin loaded with emunah and bitachon. It fortifies us spiritually, helping us internalize the understanding the Hashem is the Source of every success, and this makes us worthy of receiving our sustenance. Contemporary Gedolei Torah have assured us that Chazal's guarantee that reciting Parshas HaMann ensures a livelihood is meant to be taken literally.

Praying with Joy 4, Prayers for Parnassah reveals how key principles of emunah and bitachon, that make us worthy of receiving our sustenance, are hidden in the verses of Parshas HaMann. Anyone who studies this sefer daily, and then recites Parshas HaMann, will see the results!

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