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Rabbi Moshe Grylak

Rabbi Moshe Grylak - In every Generation: The Passover Haggadah


At last, a Haggadah that asks contemporary questions, and answers them–clearly, articulately and with pride.  Rabbi Moshe Grylak applies the timeless principles set forth in the Haggadah to our own experience as individuals and as a nation.

Keenly aware that the success of the seder depends upon the dialogue that takes place between family members, the author raises inter-generational themes for discussion.  Seated together at the seder table, the family wends its way through this remarkable Haggadah considering such issues as:

• Spiritual oppression in our day • The concept of a "Chosen People" and why it has caused untold suffering for the Jewish nation • Anti-Semitism and the phenomenon of the survival of the Jewish people • The culture clash between Pharaoh and Moshe and its lessons • The concept of animal sacrifice.

Clearly written, yet deep in its explanation of concepts, In Every Generation is haggadah that engages each family member on his or her own level.

Full color soil resistant laminated cover.