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Reward Miles to Heaven

How to instantly upgrade the mitzvos you do

Do you realize how many mitzvah opportunities pass you by on a daily basis? Simple, everyday activities like --

  • calling a friend
  • eating lunch
  • paying a bill
  • driving to work
  • going shopping
-- could actually fulfill numerous mitzvos.

All it takes is a flash of awareness.

So many of your routine activities are really mitzvah activities. The moment you consciously connect a routine activity with a precious mitzvah, you're on your way to upgrading and uplifting that part of your day, and you'll also maximize your reward in the Next World.

This book explains it all in thirty brief daily lessons. It focuses on the mitzvos that are so commonplace they're just there for the taking. So don't wait another minute, because as soon as you begin reading, you'll dramatically improve your life, both in this world and the Next!

Author: Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz
Hardcover | 5.5" x 8.5" | 240 pages | 978-1-932443-61-5

The author, Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz, is available for speaking engagements. If you are interested in having him come to speak in your area, please contact him at 416-839-2090.