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Schottenstein Ed Talmud

Schottenstein Ed Talmud - English Full Size [#27] - Kesubos Vol 2 (41b-77b)

³Open the Schottenstein Edition and step into a "study hall without walls." Feel the electricity, the excitement, the profundity, the beauty of the ³³Talmudic experience!Let the Talmud open your eyes to the wonders of the Torah.³³Acclaimed by a broad spectrum of roshei yeshivah, scholars, and laymen around ³³the world, this series letsyou join the world of Abaye and Rava without ³³oversimplification, without extraneous material, without turgidity. It's ³³clear. It's accurate. It's challenging. It's authentic.
  • Every word of ³³the text appears, vowelized and translated
  • Each phrase is explained so that³³the reader understands the reasoning and flow
  • Each question, answer, proof ³³and rebuttal is introduced so that the reader will know where the Gemara is ³³taking him
  • Notes expand on the explanation of the Gemara's points, and ³³explain unfamiliar ideas without interrupting the flow of the text
  • Detailed³³diagrams
  • Introductions to the entire tractate and to each topic, wherever ³³necessary
  • Glossary explains key expressions in each tractate
  • Rashi ³³headings in bold type
  • Each translation page faces Gemara page of the ³³classic Vilna Shas
  • 9" x 12" page size
  • Acid-free paper
  • Magnificent ³³specially sculpted cover
  • Reinforced deluxe library binding for long ³³use
  • Ribbon-marker