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Rabbi Dov Lipman

Seder Savvy


The Pesach Seder - we spend so much time and effort planning and preparing for it. Our goal - the whole family seated around the table engaged in lively discussions from the Haggadah. Yet our expectations don't always match the reality.

Seder Savvy will help make your Seder come alive. It provides a solid basis for meaningful dialogue between grandparents, parents, and children and lays the foundations for a lifetime of spiritual growth. On every page, Rabbi Dov Lipman presents intriguing questions and source-based answers to engage all generations in challenging discussion:

• What does karpas have to do with living a meaningful life?

• What message should we internalize about the nations of the world when we spill the wine and recite the Ten Plagues?

• How does eating Hillel's sandwich help us understand the momentous times in which we live?

This fascinating volume will make your seder relevant and exciting with lively dialogue that will span the generations.