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Dovid Kaplan

Shabbos Table Impact!

What an Impact! Your Shabbos table will never be the same after picking up this book, guaranteed! Shabbos Table Impact features short, powerful stories corresponding to each week’s parsha; this fifth in the Impact series is full of humorous, inspiring and thought-provoking stories perfect for your Shabbos table. The spicy, insightful comments are ideal discussion starters for your seuda, entertaining and always on the mark. 

For an even greater Shabbos Impact, Rabbi Kaplan shares a wealth of practical guidelines and helpful tips that will transform your Shabbos table from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Rabbi Kaplan – renowned rebbe, educator and sought after lecturer – keeps audiences worldwide spellbound with his captivating stories and lectures, presented in his inimitable, witty style. This book will give you a sampling – and have you eagerly anticipating more.

By: Rabbi Dovid Kaplan