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Hannah Fleshel

Sharing Mommy's Love

Asher’s favorite time of theweek is right after candlelightingeach Fridaynight, when he and Mommysnuggle up on the couch andread books together by the glowof the candles. It’s a cozy and specialtime when Asher truly feels all of Mommy’slove for him.

But what happens when Mommy has a new baby, and thatspecial Asher-and-Mommy time doesn’t seem the sameanymore? Can Mommy still love Asher as much if now shehas another child to love?

In this touchingly written and beautifully illustrated book,the jealousy that children often feel toward a new baby isdealt with in a warm and affectionate way. Join Asher as helearns that when it comes to sharing a parent’s love, anotherbaby only means more light and more love!

By: Hannah Fleshel