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Rhona Lewis

Shimmer of Hope


Deeni, a young kiruv wife in Delaware, learns a fascinating skill just as she starts her new job. Will it become part of her arsenal, or will she squander the gift and lose it?
Faigy’s son is caught stealing in a Beit Shemesh store. What happened to the dreams her home was founded on? Can she reclaim the truth before it’s too late?
Drought snuffs out hope on a South African family’s farm. Can Sara’s surprise gift for her mother dispel the frustration that fills their home?

In Shimmer of Hope, Rhona Lewis’s gripping collection of short stories, you’ll encounter Jewish women all over the world, in places as remote as Kenya and as close as Monsey and Jerusalem. Drawing on her unusual background and exquisite gift of words, the author draws us into her journey to worlds we’ve never encountered, yet whose wisdom touches the deepest parts of our souls.

A talented favorite of the literary scene, Rhona Lewis is a popular writer for Mishpacha, Hamodia, and many other publications. In these pages, you’ll meet determined mothers and buoyant daughters, resolute wives and gregarious grandmothers, all searching for truths to guide their lives, fleeing from doubts and fears, and embracing new challenges each day.

Read Shimmer of Hope and allow yourself to be enriched by the warmth and color that embody these stories. For each is illuminated by a shared theme: that life, no matter how daunting, always contains a shimmer of hope.