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Aliza Goldin

Six Diaries


What comes to mind when you hear "tznius"? Six teenage girls from both modern Orthodox and Bais Yaakov backgrounds set out to answer that question.

Tights. Ugly. Frum. Self-Esteem. Hard. Beautiful.

Necklines and hemlines, slits and socks - what's the big deal? The girls felt confused, frustrated, guilty, resentful. And afraid of change.

But they were open-minded enough to try something new. Meet once a month. Discuss tznius. Keep a weekly diary.

It wasn't easy. It wasn’t overnight. But somewhere between October and June, six girls started to see things differently. This is their open and honest diaries – their thoughts and feelings, their confusion, frustration and guilt. They challenged tznius on their own terms. They discussed topics without the censorship of adults. They took a different look at themselves. Rethink what beauty really means. Wish for more.

Avigail: There are a billion questions I have on tznius, but even when I try to get the answers, nothing clicks.
Rachel: I’m very embarrassed, but whenever I see a group of girls with the long-skirt, button-down shirt look, it makes me really nervous.
Chavi: When I think about tznius, a few things come to mind - and none of them are too exciting.
Sarah: Honestly, I'm not looking to become a totally new person at this point in my life...
Ellie: Is tznius really so up there on the priority list in Heaven? What about tefillah, simchah, things like that?
Shevi: It’s like my head keeps telling me to wear it and my heart keeps telling me not to.

Their diaries are true. Their thoughts are totally honest. Their journey is real.