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Rivka Galai

Six Million and One

Six million tragedies. And one more. 

The tragedy of a life lived in the shadow of pain…the life of a survivor and the lives of the second and third generations. 

In the turmoil and terror that was Holland during World War II, identical twins Chana and Shprintze are torn apart, one destined for life, the other, for annihilation. The quest to memorialize her lost sister becomes an obsession for Chana Eichler, but she is denied the gift of a daughter. All her yearning is now fixed on the third generation, and when her son marries, his wife discovers that the path to her mother-in-law’s heart is blocked by the past. 

Bayla Green, a Dutch Holocaust survivor living in New Jersey, sets out on a journey to uncover what really happened in an Amsterdam convent during the war years. She enlists the help of Jan Bricker, a righteous Dutch gentile, who is swiftly and inexorably drawn into a web of intrigue and deception. 

When Chana returns to Holland for the first time since the war, she finds herself caught up in events beyond her control, and is suddenly forced to confront the secrets of her family’s history. 

Six Million and One will take you on a suspenseful journey, from America to Holland to Eretz Yisrael, from Holocaust survivors determined to unearth the truth, to evil-minded individuals who seek only death and destruction. Who will triumph: the elderly nun desperate to cover her tracks; or the Bricker and Eichler families, dedicated to life and truth? The answer lies behind the door with three locks...

By: Rivka Galai