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Rabbi Yisroel Roll

Step up to the Plate



What's the connection?

In this inspiring and entertaining read, renowned author, popular rabbi, and psychotherapist Rabbi Yisroel Roll shows us how to use life lessons from America's favorite game to win the game of life.

As our national pastime, baseball evokes lots of passion. But it also teaches us about life - about taking charge, about winning and losing, and about playing the best game we can.

With interesting anecdotes, illuminating observations, and practical tips, baseball fans - and everyone else - will love to learn how every aspect of baseball has surprisingly relevant lessons in Judaism. You'll discover that when the bases are loaded - and you strike out - you can still be on top of your game. And you'll learn about the powerful strategies that Judaism offers to hit a home run in the opportunity called life.

You have what it takes to hit a home run. But before you can win the game of life, you've got to Step Up to the Plate.