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Dov Haller


The ‘Old School’ approach of Cheder Menahel Shmuel Wohlberg works – except when he’s up against modern technology and newly invented psychology. The ‘New School’ empathetic, open-door approach of newly-appointed young Assistant Menahel Dovi Ringer also works- except when old fashioned discipline is in order. Clashes between the two are inevitable- but one anonymous and angry blogger with an inside source at the cheder poses the greatest threat of all.

Will Rav Wohlberg ever truly accept the assistant the Board of Directors forced upon him?

Who is trying to ruin the Menahel’s reputation and why?

Will the school’s urgently-needed fundraising dinner succeed despite the media smear against them?

Will homesick Libby Ringer ever find her place in the community she gave up everything to join?

Power, politics, belonging and marginalization explored from the inside out.