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Pessie Frankel, Yocheved Leah Perkal

Teatime with Mrs. Honig Vol 8


Mrs. Honig’s steady stream of stories and goodies are never-ending — and you’re invited to join! Have a cup of magical tea and a tempting treat as Mrs. Honig leads you into a world of wonderful characters. Allow yourself to be swept away to colorful places where timely lessons are brought home to you. You’ll be enchanted and warmed, amused and enlightened as the legendary Mrs. Honig indulges you yet again.


"Mrs Honig’s Cakes stories are wholesome, interesting, enjoyable and age-appropriate. They possess a feeling for Yiddishkeit and illustrate good middos. Young readers will identify with these characters.”

Rabbi Oscar Ehrenreich, Principal, Bais Yaakov Boro Park

"Mrs. Honig is charming, wholesome, full of gentle humor and chein. Lovely stories for Jewish kids."

Yaffa Ganz