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Shifrah Devorah Witt and Zipporah Malka Heller

The Complete Asian Kosher Cookbook


Take a step beyond the traditional.
Give your family the gift of Asian cuisine.

In this first of its kind cookbook, Asian cooking goes kosher--in a marvelously simple way! Featuring a spectacular showcase of delectable dishes from a variety of Asian countries, including China, Japan, India, Thailand, and the Philippines, this beautifully designed collection shows how all-time Asian favorites can be transformed into easy-to-make household foods, from the spicy to the subtle, the savory to the sweet.

The Complete Asian Kosher Cookbook brings you:

  •  Authentic, mouthwatering dishes for every day, holidays, and special occasions
  •  A wide selection of user-friendly recipes
  •  Exotic choices to spice up your menus
  •  Ingredients you can find at your supermarket
  •  Stunning, full-color photos on every spread