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Sarah Feldbrand

The Decree

A young man, earnest and scholarly, throws caution to the
wind as he saves a life. He is compelled to flee…to escape the
king’s decree.

A young woman, graceful and guileless, is coming of age
in comfort, surrounded by her loving family and friends. She
is forced to run, leaving everything behind forever…to escape
the king’s decree.

A nation, sent into bitter exile, awaits redemption and restoration. Its people are subject to the decrees and whims of
the reigning monarchs; to nefarious plots and court intrigue.
Will this nation choose to return to its land when permission
has been granted…by the King’s decree?

Set against the backdrop of Galus Bavel during the reign of King
Achashverosh, and brought to life in vivid detail by Sarah Feldbrand, The Decree is a tale of faith and friendship, adventure and suspense, pain and healing. It is a story of secrets buried deep in the past, astounding revelations, innocence forced into exile, and a harrowing journey that ends in true freedom.

By: Sarah Feldbrand