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Rabbi Gershon Weiss

The Holocaust Haggadah


Pharaoh's Egypt. Hitler's Europe. Two exiles, so different and yet so similar. In 1945, the Jewish inmates of Mauthausen concentration camp conducted a secret Passover Seder. A participant who survived the war retold that at the conclusion of this seder, all present declared "If G-d will only free us now, we will make a greater Haggadah than ever." The Holocaust Haggadah: Foundations of Our Faith is one survivor's effort to fulfill that wish.

Rabbi Gershon Weiss, author of groundbreaking book The Holocaust and Jewish Destiny, shows how the principles of Jewish faith taught by the Sages in the Haggadah can be applied to the most difficult ordeals of our national history. Through tales of unparalleled courage and bitachon - Jewish faith, and through a profound examination of the nature of our relationship with G-d, this book offers a new and deep understanding of both the Exodus and the Holocaust that will enrich our lives.