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Rachel Schorr

The Invisibles Vol. 1: Secret of the Purple Bottle

Rafi Fischer is a remarkable boy dealing with the challenge of suddenly losing his father. He is sent to live with his grandparents on a moshav, where, as the new boy in town, he is accused of doing something very wrong. His good friends support him the whole way until the very thrilling end! 

What is in the purple bottle? 

Who is stealing the tests? And why? 

And the question of all questions: 

Who will win first place in the big contest? 

This exciting, educational and humorous book has all the surprising answers. Secret of the Purple Bottle is a fantasy - adventure story for children, teens and even adults who sometimes wish they could live out a dream... Secret of the Purple Bottle by Rachel Schorr is an inspiring story of how any boy or girl can face adversity with good middos, tolerance and sensitivity towards others.