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The Maharal & The Golem


"Torah Luminations" is a 3D animation studio and publishing house dedicated to promoting the beauty of Torah values through Jewish educational media. Chana-Aidel and Avrahom-Moishe Erlenwein are the co-founders who reside in Toronto, Canada.

"Living with Tzaddikim" are a series of 3D animation videos for all ages. These videos are a fun, "edutainment" way to experience classic Jewish stories. These 3D animated stories will entertain you while lifting you up with positive values of emunah, bitachon and simcha in living as a Jew.

This children’s 3D Animation video is Rabbinically approved by Rabbi Dovid Schochet, who serves as the President of the Rabbinate of Orthodox Rabbis in Toronto, Canada.

The Maharal and the Golem is a favorite and classic story that captures the drama of Jewish history, the "magic" of mystical lore and the beauty of Jewish values.
Experience the excitement, suspense and miracles of the Maharal and Yossele the Golem as they seek to protect their fellow Jews against the evil plans of Taddeus the priest.

RUNNING TIME: 47 minutes (actual story time)


· The village of Prague and characters shown in the video are not the actual likeness of the village, Maharal or the Golem.

· The character's (female & male) voices are recorded from the amazing impersonations performed by Mendel Erlenwein.