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Leah Kotkes

The Map Seeker


An Extraordinary Memoir for Women. Leah Kotkes's new book will give women readers something to think about; something to strive for; something to live by.Weaving life reflections with her extraordinary journey, Leah Kotkes spins a tale of herself as a highly-motivated young lady in conflict with her own choices. Personal salvation presents itself one day in the form of an American visitor who invited her into the world that would alter her life forever. At the age of twenty-eight, after traveling the globe to satiate the hunger in her soul, the author has an encounter that refocused her spiritual quest.In this deeply personal memoir, Leah Kotkes introduces us to two worlds: the Rolls-Royce world of her London childhood and the uniquely spiritual and inspiring world of her Jerusalem adulthood. All of her story is her own; parts of her story are every woman's.The Map Seeker: One Woman's Quest, is the compelling, poignant story of her search for a more meaningful, balanced life with personal peace of mind. Life's ordeals, triumphs and joys are the threads in the fabric of the author's own evolution.This book is written for anyone who has ever asked: Why am I here? Can this be? How can I find spiritual balance in this chaotic world? It is written for every woman in search of her individual truth.