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Edited by Sarah Shapiro

The Mother in Our Lives


Our mothers.
We love them.
We need them.
We sometimes resent them and often reflect them, and suddenly, we are them.

The Mother in Our Lives is a stunning anthology that examines the many facets of the mother-daughter relationship, so complex and yet at the same time so simple. More than seventy talented women share their memories, thoughts, and wisdom on being a mother and being mothered, on wanting to be a mother, and learning to be a mother-in-law. The interactions are often poignant, sometimes funny, and always honest and engaging. We read of childhoods spent in Kansas City, in the English countryside, and in Jerusalem; we see how mothers and daughters interact in the suburbs, during a pogrom, and in a hospital room. We are entertained and we are enlightened.

As in the other Our Lives anthologies, The Mother in Our Lives brings together many of today’s most illustrious writers and introduces many new and exciting voices as well. As mothers, as daughters, and as women, The Mother in Our Lives will resonate within us – and change our lives.