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Rabbi Chaim Morgenstern

The Parshah and YOU (2 volume set)


Insights and Lessons for Personal Growth


The Parsha and You is a unique collection of essays designed to enhance the family’s Shabbos table and to improve many vital areas of one’s daily living and interpersonal relationships.
Rabbi Morgenstern gives practical, down-to-earth advice on enhancing shalom bayis; improving one’s parenting potential; acquiring a more meaningful Shabbos and Yom Yov; coping with insults, anger, and life‘s challenges; bitachon and hishtadlus; shidduchim and dating; and more…
With hundreds of sources from the Torah, Chazal, early commentaries, and contemporary rabbanim, Rabbi Morgenstern provides the reader with the option of doing additional research on each topic. Also included is a special section on avoiding lashon hara in shidduchim, plus a Yamim Nora’im supplement.
By reviewing and applying the themes of each essay, the reader will have the tools to acquire a more meaningful life.

Rabbi Chaim Morgenstern


  • SKU: L760
  • Author: Rabbi Chaim Morgenstern
  • Dimensions: 6"x9"
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-1-60091-409-6
  • Length: 2 volumes
  • Media: Book
  • Publisher: Israel Bookshop Publications