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Rabbi Moshe Rockove

The Power to Give In

"Be Mevater - Just Give In" That's what we are told from the time we are young. We know its the right thing to do, but how do we rise to the challenge, overcome our personal feelings, and actually do it?


With over 100 stories,meshalim, and perspectives about this all-important middah, The Power to Give In gives us the proper mindset and conviction that enable us to be mevater –and be happy about it, too.


The stories cover all types of settings and all types of people - great Gedolim and simple Jews, spouses and siblings, neighbors and strangers –all of whom utilized the power of vittur. There is even a special section for young adults so that they can see, on their own level, how to put this crucial middah into practice.


Read this book, be inspired, and try it out for yourself – be mevater, and bring the reality of Hashem into your life!