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Rabbi Pinchas Wind

The Practical Guide to Heter Iska, Book and Forms, Hebrew/English



This practical guide to creating a valid heter iska includes halachos, midrashimon the severity ofribis and the reward for avoiding it, and inspiring stories. The book is written in both Hebrew and English, and includes heter iska<\i> contracts in Hebrew and English. With haskamos of the Belzer Rebbe shlit"a, Rav Y.S. Elyashiv zt"l, Rav Ovadiah Yosef zt"l .


  • ITEM #: 7167
  • Dimensions: 6" x 8.3"
  • ISBN: 7167F
  • Weight: 0.8940 lbs
  • Binding: Soft Cover / 182 pages
  • Published by: Distributed by Feldheim