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Rachel Schorr

The Search

This is the riveting story of Anne, an infant stolen from her mother's arms, and Liora, who never stops yearning for her daughter. Two decades of fruitless, anguished searching climax in a fateful meeting fraught with hopes, danger, and stormy emotions. Can mother and daughter ever bridge their gap of years, ideals and lifestyle to develop a bond of mutual trust and eventual love? 

A woman with a past she can't forget 

A man with a secret, sinister identity 

A young girl bearing the weight of loneliness, abandonment and betrayal 

A kallah forced to choose 

Loving grandparents who will do anything to reclaim their long-lost grandchild 

A stunning mosaic of people, of thoughts and emotions, of hope and love, of giving and sacrificing, and a tribute to the goodness and potential of others. Page by breathtaking page, this novel stirs a deep-seated appreciation of the awesomeness of being born a Jew, with all the privileges and obligations of every member of the Chosen Nation. 

 The Search, Rachel Schorr's latest novel, will captivate you from beginning to end!