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Dr. Sarah Taieb-Carlen

The Sephardi Journey

In The Sephardi Journey, Sephardi Contributions throughout History, Taieb-Carlen discusses the sufferings of the Sephardi Jews under Islam, not in order to rekindle hatred or to open old wounds, but in order to pay the respect due to any Jewish community which has lived through oppression and persecution without abjuring its faith and which, after close to thirty centuries, had to leave its old and cherished native lands, only because of its faith. 

 She also reviews the happy periods of harmonious and peaceful coexistence during which the Sephardim prospered and flourished in Muslim lands so that these precious memories can permit us to hope and believe that, since this has once been possible, nothing should prevent “history to repeat itself ”.

By: Dr. Sarah Taieb-Carlen