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Rabbi Meir Uri Gottesman

The Shul Boy

As a young boy in Jersey City in the1950s, Lipa Wallerstein’s wholeworld consists of his father’s small synagogueon the bottom floor of theirramshackle house. With no Jewish friendsnearby and a family that doesn’t takemuch interest in him, Lipa finds himselfalone more often than not — but alwaysin the company of his fertile imagination…and his one burning ambition: tostudy from an old set of Mishnayos leftby his grandfather, a great tzaddik. Butwhen he opens a volume and peers at the page, he cannot understand a word it says. 

His zeide always taught him: When you learn Torah, you must see the tzaddikimwhose words you study standing right before you! And so, Lipa pleads, “Rabbi OvadiahBartenura, please come and teach me the Mishnah…” 

It isn’t long before a whole new world opens up for Lipa. It is a world of Torah —and a world of great peril. A world where ravenous hunger rages in Jerusalem…anddanger looms over the blue-green waves of the Mediterranean…and an awful calamitytakes place in Vienna… 

And then, one lonely summer’s day, Lipa discovers an injured pigeon and returns itto its rooftop nest. Thus ushers in a new chapter in Lipa’s life, with results that shakeHeaven and earth. For Lipa has come upon the immense mystery of Little Fleigel, andthe repercussions of it couldn’t be more astounding… 

The Shul Boy, told over in classic Gottesman style, is a novel that will touch you,excite you, and enthrall you. As with all of his books, the author weaves truth withfiction, deep-set reality with stunning fantasy, to create a heart-stopping and exquisitenovel. Enter the world of Lipa Wallerstein…and allow the adventure to begin… 

By: Meir Uri Gottesman