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Chaya S. Newman

The Tznius Challenge, The Tznius Connection

“C’mon. Do two inches really make such a big difference?” 

“Why should I stick out and feel like the nerdy one?!” 

“Tznius is so personal! How can anyone understand my struggles, given my personality and background?”

 Say the word “tznius” in a crowded auditorium of women, and the reactions will range from admiration to guilt to misgiving to…thinly veiled derision. What is it about this distinctive mitzvah that looms like such a formidable mountain? And more importantly, how can we overcome our private hurdles? 

In this warm, relevant, and carefully researched book, we meet hundreds of women from all walks of life – seminary girls, young marrieds, working mothers, and mechanchos – who’ve been there – and grown. Hear their candid accounts of how they defeated their inner demons in various aspects of dress, conduct, and mindset. Sharing a plethora of tips and strategies, these heroines have left precious nuggets that every woman and girl – on every level – can internalize. 

No, tznius is not defined by hemlines and inches.It is your identity. Your essence. And your privilege. 

Come…discover your greatest gift!

By: Chaya S. Newman