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Pamela Peled, Tzippi Sha-ked, Danit Shemesh

Three Ladies, Three Lattes


Israel is in turmoil. Angry crowds are sparring, the Torah has been taken hostage, and the enemy is not from Syria, Gaza, or even Iran. It's Jew inciting Jew, Israeli galling Israeli, and the embattled Jewish nation is reeling.

In the middle of this chaos three ladies from across the religious divide decide to connect on the most basic level, and to make sense of their differences. Over strong cups of coffee they debate issues that are tearing the country apart - the army, Shabbat, and the separation of state and religion, (not to mention the separation of the sexes). In an attempt to understand each other they reach out their arms - some bare from the shoulder down, some covered to the elbow, and others encased right down to the wrist. Gradually, from beyond their exasperation, they grow to accept the humanity in every human.

Three Ladies, Three Lattes is not decaffeinated. It is a percolating ride through the complicated permutations of living in Israel, and a roadmap to understanding 'the other'.

Pamela Peled, Tzippi Sha-ked, and Danit Shemesh grew up in the Diaspora and moved to Israel for all the right reasons.