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Tradition: Volume 42 No. 1 Spring 2009

Tradition: Volume 42 No. 1 Spring 2009

  • Let Him Who Is Not A Camel Among You
    by: Shalom Carmy
  • Rabbi Emanuel Rackman, z"l: A Critical Appreciation
    by: Norman Lamm
  • Idolatry: A Prohibition for Our Time
    by: Herzl Hefter
  • Rabbinic Responses in Favor of Prenuptial Agreements
    by: Rachel Levmore
  • Survey of Recent Halakhic Periodical Literature: Cochlear Implants
    by: J. David Bleich
  • Review Essay: Return of the Pashtanim
    by: Yaakov Beasley
  • Review Essay: Transforming Identity by Avi Sagi and Zvi Zohar
    by: Michael J. Broyde and Shmuel Kadosh
  • Book Review: War and Peace in the Jewish Tradition
    by: Avi Woolf
  • Communications: Food Pipe and Wind Pipe
    by: Shmuel Riccardo Di Segni, Michael Druin, & Marc Angel