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Ayala Stimler

Trapped in Cyberspace


If my friends only knew. If only everyone in this classroom knew the story behind the most popular girl in the class. Mrs. Kaplan could bring me, Michal Klein, up to her desk to show the true story behind Internet addiction.

It began innocently enough. For a few short minutes, Michal Klein's father removed the password on their Internet filter so the family could watch a short video together. But there was only one problem. When he reinstated the password, Michal happened to see it.

Michal never meant to get trapped in the sticky strands of the World Wide Web. But once she started, she found it hard to stop. Could she, Michal Klein, top Bais Yaakov high school student, really be addicted to something so awful?

Will a violent tragedy, frighteningly close to home, shake Michal out of the stupor that's come over her? Can Michal rid herself of her addiction with her emunah intact?

Dynamic author Ayala Stimler expertly weaves together the threads of Michal's story in a groundbreaking novel that will shatter our complacency and open our eyes to the alarming world of addiction.