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Rabbi Ze'ev Greenwald, Translated by Laya Zryl

Watching My Words


Someone littered all over the school yard.
Can Yitzy tell the non-Jewish janitor who did it?

Binyomin wants to make a funny joke about Dovy.
If Dovy is present, can he say it?

Find out the answers, and have a fabulous time doing it!

In Watching My Words, children will embark upon a fun-filled journey into the vast world of shemiras halashon and learn tens of practical halachos in an exciting and memorable way. Each beautifully-designed page features one halachah of proper speech, presented with an interesting case scenario, easy-to-read language and full-color illustrations.

As they read about real-life situations and dilemmas, children ages 7-11 will learn to apply the halachos to their everyday lives. They'll learn that shemiras halashon is about every moment of our day , and that the rewards of keeping proper speech are immeasurable.

Perfect for bedtime, story time or the Shabbos table, this invaluable guide offers parents a fantastic opportunity to give their children the gift of shemiras halashon - in a thoroughly enjoyable way.