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Dr. Stanley M. Wagner and Dr. Israel Drazin

What's Beyond the Bible Text?


Are you ready for a journey of discovery?
Are you ready for penetrating questions and thought-provoking answers?

Prolific authors and academic scholars Stanley M. Wagner and Israel Drazin bring us a fascinating selection of discussions on the weekly Torah portion, all designed to stimulate discussion and stretch the imagination.

Covering a wealth of themes, this book explores relevant and contemporary issues while cross-referencing the entire Torah. The authors discuss legal, moral, and ethical issues as broad and disparate as marriage, sibling rivalry, animal rights, the afterlife, and the meaning of life. Does modern history simply echo the struggles of our ancestors? Does prophecy belong to everyone or only a select few? What are angels made of?

Referencing a broad spectrum of traditional Torah and psychological literature, this book poses far more questions than it attempts to answer.