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Ayala Stimler



“What’s going in this house tonight?” I demanded.
There was a long period of silence. Uh-oh. Heavy trouble brewing.
Finally my father spoke. “Family meeting in the den at eight.”
Whoa! I don’t think we’ve ever had an official meeting in the entire history of our family.

Twelfth-grade twins Tamar and Leah Lieder are smart, outgoing, and popular…not to mention inseparable. Together, they plan and dream for the future, excited about the new stages ahead. But those dreams suddenly vanish as their father’s downward spiritual slide picks up speed.

Staying loyal to their father is daunting enough, but once his choices become public, an entirely new set of challenges erupts. As Ta sheds every vestige of Yiddishkeit, the Lieder children are faced with a devastating choice: to stay with their mother, or to follow their father in his headlong rush away from Torah and mitzvos.

Can Tamar and Leah survive the turmoil and upheaval wreaked by Ta’s decision, and emerge stronger for their struggles? Or will they be sucked into the relentless whirlpool along with him, never to be whole again?

In Whirlpool, Ayala Stimler, author of the groundbreaking Trapped in Cyberspace, brings us another riveting story of courage, determination, and above all, dreams for a better future.

Whirpool describes a challenging family struggle with wit and sensitivity. Likeable, humorous characters add warmth and humanity to this poignant description of a challenge that is unfortunately not too uncommon nowadays.”
— Sara Wiederblank, author of Between the Tides and Just Between Friends