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Shia Moseson

Windows to Loyalty

In Windows to Loyalty, Shia Moseson’s second volume in the Windowsseries of Jewish literature, the reader is taken deep into the lives andhearts of people across the globe. 

In Book One, Windows to Courage, when Yankel Greenstein passes away,his descendants are pitted against each other. Caught in the middle isMotty, a defenseless orphan with a mysterious past, and Yoni and Raizy,a newly-married couple who just happen to be first cousins. 

As the plot moves between New York, Yerushalayim, and a remotevillage in Ukraine, join the protagonists in a desperate search foranswers. Will an unlikely friendship between an elderly shamash and ayoung runaway provide the solution they are so desperately seeking? 

In Book Two, Windows to Devotion, a community is stunned when RabbiShmelka Werner, a popular albeit controversial Rav, is arrested onkidnapping charges. His detractors, mostly parents of his youthfulfollowers, insist that he is a cult leader – but are they right? 

Yoske Warshavsky looks the part of an older yeshivah bachur. What isthe burning secret in his past, and why does he spend hours each daytrekking from shul to shul, collecting tzedakah

Across the country, the Tiretzky sisters grapple with the shadow of theirlong-estranged father. Their mother is determined to keep him out oftheir lives forever. Can they dare disobey her wishes? 

As the lives of this motley group of characters become increasinglyintertwined, the protagonists are faced with circumstances that test theirintegrity in ways they never imagined. Will they rise to the challenge?