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Wonders of Shehakol

by: Cohen, Batya

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The lessons of theåÊbrachosåÊcome to life ...

EveryåÊbrachahåÊwe make has so many wonderful lessons to teach us!
Join Dovid and Yoni as they learn a valuable lesson aboutåÊemunahåÊandåÊbitachonåÊfrom theåÊbrachahåÊof Shehakol.
‰ÛÏShehakol nihiyeh bidvaro,‰۝ they now say.
‰ÛÏHashem made the whole world in only six days.
We don‰۪t get upset, because we understand
That everything happens by Hashem‰۪s plan.‰۝
Author: Batya Cohen
Hardcover | 7" x 10" | 32 pages | ISBN 9781607631682

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