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Torah Treasure releases “Wonders of Hashem – Under the Sea”

March 26, 2015

Children all over the world have anxiously been waiting for the next adventure in the ‘Wonders of Hashem” series and it’s finally here! In this next adventure Ari and his Abba take a trip out to sea to learn all about fish and mammals that live in the ocean. For producer Chaim Hershkowitz it couldn’t [&hellip

March 26, 2015

Starring Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys choir and The Alumni Choir – featuring their recently released new 12 hit song album, UT UT. (Distributed by Concord music/ for downloads). With the amazing Shirainu Orchestra, special effects, a 40 foot video wall screen, and much much more. For the first time ever worldwide, including the NY [&hellip
COMING SOON: Six13: Vol 6: Thirteen [MUSIC VIDEO]

March 25, 2015

For 13 years, they’ve pushed the boundaries of Jewish music and redefined even our own understanding of the artistry that can be achieved with the human voice. And now Six13 breaks new ground with their latest release, Vol. 6: Thirteen. Early concensus is that this is by far the best Six13 record yet. Featuring fantastic [&hellip