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Avromi Spitz- Survive- Chanukah Song

December 17, 2014

Enjoy this Chanukah song, “Survive” by Avromi Spitz, produced by Areyeh Kunstler. Lyrics: Through the painful Galus Darker than darkness Blinds my eyes Six million of the Holocaust Holy brethren are lost Forever And as I light my Menorah My soul still a flicker Through the cold blowing winds And as I light my Menorah [&hellip
Spotlight on Mitzvah Boulevard: Shabbos

December 17, 2014

                      If you have ever watched any of the Mitzvah  Boulevard videos, there is no doubt that you, like me, are already hearing the theme song in your head.   Come on…everybody sing along, “Mitzvah, mitzvah, Mitzvah Boulevard, Mitzvah Boulevard. Mitzvah, mitzvah, Mitzvah Boulevard.”   I [&hellip
Review: Yiddishe Nachas

December 16, 2014

                      Yossi Green does it again. Known for his famous compositions and unique style, Yossi teams up with Naftali Schnitzler and Moshy Kraus to create a truly magical experience. The boys who sing in this album have young yet rich voices. This combines with the [&hellip