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Eli Beer Debut Album Cover + Sampler

May 19, 2015

Eli Beer grew up in a suburb of Detroit. In a quest to find his voice, Eli moved to Jerusalem where he lived for almost a decade. The air and the streets of the holy city profoundly shaped who he is today, both as a person and as a musical artist. As he traveled throughout [&hellip
Motty Illowitz’s Debut Album Almost Here! Cover + Preview Clip

May 18, 2015

The talented Motty Illowitz, who has composed for many of the biggest names in Jewish Music is finally releasing his own debut album. Produced by Naftali Schnitzler the new CD titled “Machshovos” is sure to deliver on several major fronts. Enjoy this audio preview to get a taste of the new CD. Download the audio [&hellip
Debut Album from Yisroel Adler – OIROIS! Album Cover + Audio Sampler

May 18, 2015

Yisroel Adler, began his musical Career as a Badchan by weddings, he now has been doing this for many years with great success in Israel and across the globe. Yisroel is a son of world renowned Chazzan Chaim Adler, he has a great love and feeling toward chazanas and is also a Ba’al Tefilah for Yom [&hellip