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Video: Maoz Tzur with Avi Piamenta

December 21, 2014

What are you singing around your menorah? Avi Piamenta and Gad Shoshani join together for this epic Maoz Tzur, wishing the whole world an incredible Chanukah! Check out this video for some superb vocals, let alone that Avi flute that we know and love!
Pick Lazer Lloyd’s New Single!

December 19, 2014

Blues and rock master Lazer Lloyd is well on his way to a new album. But you are invited to join the process! The record company has suggested that we let Lazer’s fans pick the single for the new upcoming album. All of your feedback is much appreciated. Send all comments to!
[Video] Dovid Listhaus and Raphael Benizri – Yehi Ratzon

December 18, 2014

After many likes and requests for more from their first single Shema Hashem, Raphael Benizri and Dovid Listhaus join together once again to release their new single Yehi Ratzon! This music video symbolizes the trip through hardships and darkness in our lives but also the eventual emerging from it with the praying to Hashem