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    Concert Review- The Miami Phenomenon

    April 16, 2015

                    7:12 pm on Chal Hamoed Pesach, April 8. Where does that find me? In a car service enroute to Brooklyn College. Anticipation running high, I almost jumped out of the car, driven by some rookie cruising at 20-25 MPH.  Anyway, I finally arrived with enough time to [&hellip
    HILLELKAPS Review of Eli Marcus’s “Dovid Hamelech”

    April 15, 2015

                          You may have heard the last name “Marcus” before. Bentzy and Shmuli Marcus of 8th Day lit up the Jewish Music world with their diverse styles and insightful lyrics. Currently however a new “Marcus” is making his way to the stage. Eli Marcus, brother [&hellip
    Guest Post: Moshe Composer Reviews Miami’s Ut Ut CD

    April 14, 2015

    THE MIAMI UT UT ALBUM REVIEW BY MOSHE MILSTEIN Over the last 10 years I sensed that Miami has been leaning toward a ”newer” style. Looks like they were trying to get into today’s style. Yerachmiel Begun as we all know is one of JM’s most talented and successful people and he’s known for his [&hellip