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Duet with Dad

“Recording this song together was a big deal for me”
It’s hard to choose a favorite song on my own album,” says singer Yoni Z. of his eponymous debut album Yoni — a mix of original English and Hebrew compositions with a few “pesukim” songs thrown in for good measure — “but if I have to, it would have to be ‘Hoshana,’ where I finally got to duet with my father.” Actually, Yoni clarifies that he had been harmonizing with his father, chazzan and performer Moti Zigelboum, since the age of 16, when he first joined in chazzanus pieces at shul. “We got a great reaction, so we kept doing it, and eventually concerts and events followed. But recording this song together was a big deal for me, because it made our joint music official.”

One track which Yoni’s fans will recognize is “Odeh,” which was released as a single two years ago. “I hesitated to put ‘Odeh’ on the album, since it didn’t feel so fresh. But this past Pesach I performed at five Chol Hamoed concerts, and as I finished the show and completed my encore, the audience was cheering and requesting ‘Odeh.’ That made me realize how popular the song had become, and as it was the song that put me on the professional music map, I knew fans would be happy to see it included on the album. What’s interesting, of course, is that newer listeners are discovering it for the first time, so this composition for the words ‘Odeh Hashem meod befi’ is kind of riding a second wave.” With 14 songs on the new album, there’s plenty of brand-new material alongside it. (Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 730)



Warmest Words from the Rebbe

An underlying blessing for every married couple

enny Friedman’s new hit single, “Lichtig un Varem,” is actually an underlying blessing for every married couple. The lyrics to this catchy song are the words which the Lubavitcher Rebbe said to Friedman’s parents 50 years ago when they went to receive his blessing before their wedding: “Mach lichtig un varem arum zich, vet der Eibishter bei eich machen lichtig un varem — make it bright and warm around you and Hashem will make it bright and warm for you.”

Benny Friedman approached composer Heshy Weinberger to write a song to these words in honor of his parents’ recent milestone anniversary.

“My father [Rabbi Manis Friedman, author, speaker, and founder and dean of the Beis Chana Institute in Minneapolis] very often mentions this brachah he received from the Rebbe, and he’ll repeat it at grandchildren’s sheva brachos,” says the singer. “The Rebbe’s brachah has been like a promise which my parents fulfilled by dedicating their lives to helping other people. My father travels around the world teaching, counseling, and comforting people, and my mother teaches. And they raised a family of shluchim who continue to dedicate their lives to public service.”

(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 730)



Riboin: One Heart

“The harmony is a magnet. Love the song”


Can you think of a song that has amazing vocal arrangements?

“Beri Weber’s recent song ‘Riboin,’ from the album One Heart. The musical arrangements are sparse, which draws listeners into Beri’s vocals. On the repeat of the high part, “Ki al rachamecha harabim,” you can’t help yourself doing that plain, simple harmony, and it just sounds gorgeous. If you’ve heard ‘Riboin,’ you know what I’m talking about. The harmony is a magnet. Love the song.” —Singer Yoely Greenfeld

(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 730)

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