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Inspiring Voice Reviews Dovid Dachs – Shiras Hayam

September 26, 2016

            It’s a wonderful geshmak to hear young bachurim singing. They still have the innocence of a youth, but have already developed the enthusiasm of the “bucherishe yuren” (teenage years in Yeshiva). This album was produced with the support from his Rosh Yeshiva and Rebbeim all recordings were done Bein [&hellip
Benny – B’sefer Chaim (Single) בני פרידמן – בספר חיים

September 25, 2016

With the advent of the brand new year of 5777, Benny Friedman releases a melodious good year wish to the community, an upbeat song called “B’sefer Chaim.” “Lchaim, Lchaim, Lchaim Tovim…” goes the refrain, and Benny hopes the gentle but cheerful notes will inspire people to prepare for the new year with a sense of [&hellip
Mordechai Gottlieb & Shira Choir – Zochreinu

September 22, 2016

Singer and musician R’ Mordechai Gottlieb and his friends released a song and a clip today specially for Rosh Hashana called Zachreinu Lechayim. The clip was filmed in his Yerushalayim courtyard. He has composed tens of special compositions over the past decade, and he will be releasing the best of them in a debut album [&hellip