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Moti Shriki With A Song Of Rememberance: Oid

May 10, 2016 1 min read

In honor of Yom Hazikaronfor the fallen soldiers of the IDF and the victims of terror, singer Moti Shriki is releasing a song in memory of them as well as his rebbe Rabbi Yossi Dikshtein who was murdered with his wife Chana and their son Shuval on Erev Shabbos on their way to Har Chevron. This terror event left nine orphans with no mother and father.

Today, almost a decade and a half later, Moti is now writing a song for Rav Yossi. Rav Dikshtein was a man dedicated to chinuch who even led Moti and his Odelia to their chupah. Incredibly painfully, two days after their wedding he was killed Al Kiddush Hashem.

Lyrics & composition: Moti Shriki
Arrangement: Avi Tal, Moti Shriki,
musical production: Avi Tal

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