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The Greatest Simcha – The Zemiros Group – Acapella

by yossi May 30, 2016

During a recent meeting with Yossi Green, Yoely Polatseck was introduced to a new ‘ Yossi Green‘ song that was written in honor of a friend’s Simcha.

The song, titled “The Greatest Simcha”, describes how the great and holy Reb Shimon Bar Yochai made a Bar Mitzvah for his son, the great Reb Elazar, known throughout the Talmud and Jewish History as Reb Elazar Ben Reb Shimon.

The song relates how Reb Shimon prepared for his son’s Bar Mitzvah by adorning his house with precious ornaments and planning the seating arrangements all by himself. The intense happiness radiating from Reb Shimon’s face compelled the Rabbis to ask him why he seemed to be happier more than any other day.

Rabbi Shimon replied that his son reached a great spiritual level due to him becoming a Bar Mitzvah, and that that is indeed ‘The Greatest Simcha EVER!’

Being that Zemiros was to perform at a Bar Mitzvah around Lag Baomer time, they decided to sing the song live for the first time ever. Enjoy this new song “The Greatest Simcha” – Acapella, arranged by Yoely Polatseck and masterfully performed by the harmonious voices of the Zemiros Group.

The song is based on a Zohar with original lyrics written by Yossi himself.

רבי שמעון בר יוחאי כשעשה בר מצוה לרבי אלעזר בנו

הזמין את הרבנים לסעודה רבה
וכסה את ביתו בכלים יקרים
והושיב הרבנים בשני צדדיו
ורבי שמעון באמצע שמח בשמחה גדולה

שאלו אותו חכמים למה אתה כל כך בשמחה היום יותר מכל הימים
אמר להם שהיום זכה בנו למדריגה גבוה ברוחניות

וזו היא השמחה הכי שלימה

Yoely Friedrich – 1st Soloist
Yoely Polatseck – Duet and 2nd Soloist
Avrumy Holczler – Harmony
Moishy Milstein – Falsetto & Harmony
Toivy Friedman – Bass & Harmony
Shia Beck – Beatboxing & Harmony


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