The Avoda – Nissim (NEW – HANNUKAH 2014!)

The Avoda’s music reads like a diary. After almost drowning in an attempt to save a friend’s life in ’05, lead singer Dov Carpe began a lifelong journey. This odyssey lead him to pick up everything and spend a year Jerusalem. “When you stare death in the eye and you’re given another chance, you can’t help but humble yourself and start over,” said the introspective singer/songwriter.

The Avoda blends heavenly soundscapes with earth shattering and empowering anthems. With influences ranging from Coldplay to Carlebach, you’ll be drawn into a world of dreams and manifest realities. Look out for their newest release, the “Once Upon a Cloud” EP, on most major online distributors. Three years ago they released their first music video and new song entitled “Spread The Light” special for Chanukah.

Now they are back with an all new single for Chanukah entitled Nissim. The powerful new song and video is about Chanukah then and now, check it out below.

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