The Weinreb Brothers Debut Album “May’ain Olam Habah”

The Weinreb Brothers, natives of Monsey,have music in their blood. Growing up, a passerby could often hear the sounds of exotic rhythmic grooves and extended musical jams floating from their basement windows. Now years later, The Weinreb Brothers present to the public their debut album “May’ain Olam Habah,” which is a culmination of their musical talents and knowledge in one outstanding work. With an eclectic mix of acoustic based jams (and an occasional blazing solo) of both original songs and totally re-envisioned covers of old classics, covering a wide range of genres, there’s something in here for everyone. It’s a totally fresh sound that has never been heard before, and is sure to draw you in and not let go!

All music, and arrangements are by the The Weinreb Brothers. The album will be in stores soon and available online on

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