[FOR WOMEN & GIRLS ONLY!!] Shaindel Antelis – Invisible Official Music Video


Singer Shaindel Antelis has released a new music video to show the effects of bullying, based on her own experiences as a young girl.

Titled “Invisible,” the video is based on Shaindel’s own experiences with bullying when she moved to a new neighborhood when she was 12.

This song is to help uplift and inspire others going through struggles, Shaindel says.

“My inspiration for creating this video was that no one should feel invisible,” says Shaindel. “It’s so sad that girls get left out and bullied in schools and camps. I want them to know that they are special and unique and that there is nothing wrong with them.”

A few of Shaindel’s fans star in the video as well.

Shaindel will be doing an “Invisible” school tour to talk about what she went through and to encourage girls to be kinder to each other.

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