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R’ Eliezer Kreisler Releases A New Album “Metikut Ha’Shabbos”

by yossi September 04, 2014

R’ Eliezer Kreisler was born in Berlin, Germany, and when he was a year old his parents escaped to England. He began to study in the religious school in London under Dr. Schoenfeld, and then in Yeshivas Gateshead. Both at home and at school, Kreisler would sing a lot, specifically Shabbos songs which he loved. After many years, he became a pulpit Rabbi in various different communities around the world, such as Johannesburg, where he was involved in Kiruv. During his 60′s he made Aliyah to Yerushalayim, where he joined the “ Kollel Iyun Ha’Daf“. “ Metikut Ha’Shabbos” is an album with 14 medleys of Kreisler’s own compositions, which takes the listener on a musical journey through the Shabbos experience.
Arrangements and Musical Production: Yossi Versano and S. Friedman

Click PLAY below to hear the song Tovim Meorot


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